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Control in a pumping station


Both drinking water and waste must be transported from one place to another through pipes. Drinking water is sent from the treatment plant to homes and residences, sometimes many kilometers.

Drinking water originating from a filtration plant that processes sources of surface water is pumped to the place of its use.

A constant pressure should be maintained in the whole system to ensure the correct pressure at the point in which the demand is occurring. Pressure transmitters are used to control the pumping sets through a valve of adjustment or a pump motor.

Pump stations move the wastewater from households to the treatment plants, being the gravity drag their usual transport mechanism. When a change occurs in the natural ground elevation (mountain or valley), the pumping station moves the closer wastewater to the surface. Thus, the degree of inclination is reset again without the need of digging deep trenches.

Ultrasonic sensors offer an excellent option to control the level of liquid in a sewage well. The pumping in the station is controlled by the signal provided by the ultrasonic sensor.

The submersible hydrostatic pressure sensors are another equally valid technique. The bubble system, although is a very old technology, provides an useful control. Telemetry allows the sensor and the pump being controlled at a central station.

  • Pump controller.Devices that are capable of controlling multiple pumps. By the measurement of ultrasonic level or hydrostatic probe, govern the starting and stopping of pumps depending on the level. They have historical records of operating hours, number of alarms, starts / hour, etc… Request further information.

  • Continuous level measurement probes for wastewater. Special version of the continuous level probe, specific for sewage, rivers and waste waters, with Teflon coating. The operation principle is the same as in the continuous level probes for clean water. Request more information.

  • Pump control equipment. A single controller for any pump up to 7.5 hp, single and three phase for 230 or 400 V with all necessary controls incorporated, phase fault detector, dry-running protection and overload, alarm for increasing of the frequency of starts. More information…

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