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Motor control and protection

TPM - Control y protección de motores

TPM product family is composed of a wide variety of electronic motor protectors. The accuracy and flexibility of the electronics allows them to protect not only the motors, but also mechanical loads connected to them.


See the full range of TPM motor control and protection devices.

Thanks to TPM, you can set the value of the current demand for the mechanical load of the machine, using the ammeter function built into the TPM. Thus, it is possible to diagnose the state of the motor and load.

TPM - Gama de dispositivos de control y protección del motor

Using TPM, users only need to adjust the motor current, to confirm / program after the actual current of the load through the integrated ammeter. TPM interrupts the operation of the motor in the programmed delay time when the current consumed by the motor exceeds the set value.

Underload applications

  • Fans, vacuum cleaners, etc..
  • Pumps.
  • Cranes.
  • Conveyors (load fluctuation).
  • Machine tool.
  • Motors in chemical processes.

Mechanism protection

  • Seizure / blocking protection (stall).
  • Protection against high mechanical inertia of the load (start over).
  • Cyclic operation of 30-50 cycles / hour.


See the full range of TPM motor control and protection devices.