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Vigivolt V3T

Protector de sobretensión VigivoltVigivolt V3T-15Vigivolt V3T-60

Surge protector, three-phase, class II

Vigivolt V3T

  • Designed to protect lines where the risk of direct lightning strike is high.
  • It is installed in parallel in power supply, so the operating current bypasses the Vigivolt.
  • Composed by interchangeable modules for easy replacement .
  • Includes signaling to know if the equipment is operating.
  • It incorporates thermal disconnectors indicating the failing element and disconnecting from power line.
  • Specifications:
    • Un nominal voltage: 240VAC (L/N) / 400VAC (L/L)
    • Uc maximum voltage: 320VAC (L/N)
    • Frequency: 50-60Hz
    • Up protection level: ≤1,5kV
    • Imax maximum discharge current (8/20μs) : 15kA / 30kA / 60kA (depending on model)
    • In nominal current: 5kA / 15kA / 30kA (depending on model)
    • Response time to surge: ≤25ns
    • Maximum cable section in terminals: 4mm² / 6mm² (PE) / 25mm² (V3T-60)
    • Temperature range: -40º C … +80º C
    • Dimensions:
      • V3T-15 / V3T-30: 36 x 90 x 66mm
      • V3T-60: 72 x 90 x 66mm
    • Number of DIN modules: 2 (V3T-15 / V3T-30) / 4 (V3T-60)
    • Protection: IP20
    • Weight: 280g (V3T-15 / V3T-30) / 530g (V3T-60)
    • Mounting: DIN Rail 35
    • Product standards: IEC 61643-11
    • Class: II

References Vigivolt V3T

Ref Desc Cod +Info
V3T-15 400VAC 3P+N 15kA Class II 10002464Download this manual
V3T-30 400VAC 3P+N 30kA Class II 10001751Download this manual
V3T-60 400VAC 3P+N 60kA Class II 10001700Download this manual
V3T-15-MÓDULO A Cartridge module A (V + V) for V3T-15 Class II 10002480
V3T-15-MÓDULO B Cartridge module B (V + D) for V3T-15 Class II 10002481
V3T-30-MÓDULO A Cartridge module A (V + V) for V3T-30 Class II 10002087
V3T-30-MÓDULO B Cartridge module B (V + D) for V3T-30 Class II 10002088
V3T-50BC 400VAC 3P+N 50kA (B + C) Class I+II 10002236Download this manual

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