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Vigilec V10 Plus

Vigilec V10 Plus Drain Control-y-protección-de-1-bomba-230400VAC

Control and protection 1 pump 230/400VAC

Vigilec V10 Plus

  • All-in-one control and protection unit for any borehole pump.
  • Current digital display.
  • Multicontrol.
  • Single/three-phase. Direct online starting (DOL).
  • Dual voltage supply: 230 / 400 VAC.
  • Multiprotection:
    • Phase failure.
    • Pump wiring failure.
    • Overvoltage.
    • Overload / underload (adjustable).
    • Overvoltage transient protected (Storm-proof).
    • Dry-running (3 configurations).
    • Jammed impeller due to long resting periods (selectable).
    • Alarm for detection of high frequency starts and/or air-break in pressure tank.
  • Operation modes:
    • 2 probes: maximum and minimum levels.
    • 1 probe: minimum level.
    • without probes: adjustable reset.
  • Remote control input for a 6-400V AC/DC or contact.
  • All controls are low voltage.
  • Equipping:
    • Power circuit breaker.
    • MANUAL-OFF-AUTO push buttons.
    • Voltage, on/off, low water level and overload pilot lights.
    • Alarm reset push button.
    • High-protection (IP56) and wide diameter range in cable glands.
  • General alarm output.


References Vigilec V10 Plus

Ref Desc Cod +Info
V10-PLUS 12A 10002550Download this manual
V10-PLUS-E 16A 10002551Download this manual
V10-PLUS-F 25A 10002552Download this manual


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