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DUMO Ultralyzer

Ultrasonic sludge treatment

DUMO Ultralyzer

DUMO Ultralyzer system aims to increase the efficiency and the generation of high performance wastewater treatment plants. The application of ultrasound on sludge destroys filamentous formations and breaks the cell walls of bacteria, fungi and other organisms. Use of DUMO system has the following advantages:

  • Decreases the digestion time.
  • Increasing the production of biogas.
  • Reduce waste sludge.
  • Improvement of dehydration.
  • It provides an alternative source of carbonaceous material for denitrifying.
  • Eliminates the problems associated with filamentous organisms (foaming and bulking).

The capacity of this patented reactor has been optimized into a compact unit that performs a uniform cavitation throughout the treated volume (29 liters), a true “micro-equipment” compared with other conventional treatments. The treatment flow can be adjusted to the application DUMO Ultralyzer, which characterizes this technology as the most versatile on the market.. Each system module is composed of 5 DUMO oscillators with a power of 1 kW each. Electrical energy is converted into sound by using air-cooled ceramic transducers. The standard module can treat a flow of mud up to 30 m3/day, with a higher performance for less concentrated wastewater solids.

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    Ultrasonic sludge treatment

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