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VigiWatt - Controlador de consumo

Single phase load shedding relay


  • The load shedding relay limits the power consumption before tripping the main circuit-breaker.
  • To do this, non-priority circuits will be disconnected during peaks of power consumption.
  • The total current of the installation is measured by a small toroidal transformer and shown on the display.
  • When it reaches the maximum current set, an internal buzzer alerts of over-consumption.
  • If measured current exceeds 10% of maximum current, the non-priority load is disconnected to keep consumption at admissible level.
  • The non-priority load is re-connected after a re-start time pre-adjusted.

References VigiWatt

Ref Desc Cod +Info
VIGIWATT-05-230 Load shedding relay 10002305Download this manual

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