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Vigilec Mono Swimming-Pools V1MP

Vigilec Mono Piscinas V1MP - Control y protección de depuradora 18A 230VAC

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Control and protection filter system 18A 230/400VAC

Vigilec Mono Swimming-Pools V1MP

  • Control and protection unit for any pump.
  • Multicontrol. Protection against any failure in wiring to the pump.
  • Single-phase. Direct starting.
  • Supply voltage: 230 VAC.
  • Overvoltage protection.
  • Overload protection.
  • Underload protection.
  • Guarranteed against connection failures.
  • Dry running protection with automatic reset after 30 minutes.
  • Protection against jammed impeller in long resting periods. Unit activates motor for one second every 24 hours (only in AUTO mode).
  • Electronic overload and underload protection relays, adjustable. Trip in 7 seconds and 3 minutes respectively.
  • Programing timer (without reserve).
  • Dirty filtre indication.
  • Swimming-pool refilling automatism.
  • Manual lighting on/off by push button (automatic switch off after 3 hours).
  • Power-free contact for lighting and refilling valve.
  • Remote control contact from 6 to 400 VAC / VDC.
  • All controls are low voltage.
  • MAN-O-AUTO push buttons.
  • Alarm reset push button.
  • Wide diameter range and high protection cable glands.


References Vigilec Mono Swimming-Pools V1MP

Ref Desc Cod +Info
V1MP 18A 10000167Download this manual


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