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Continuous level sensor


  • Submersible level sensors based on the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure (water column).
  • Useful for a wide range of liquids (stable or moving) measurement, monitoring and control applications.
  • 4-20mA cable.


References SLP

Ref Desc Cod +Info
SLP-CW-30 Submersible level sensor for tanks, 0.5...30m range, 10m cable, 4-20mA 50014495Download this manual
SLP-CW-100 Submersible level sensor for boreholes, 5...100m range, 10m cable, 4-20mA 50014498Download this manual
SLP-CW-100-N Submersible level sensor for narrow boreholes, 5...100m range, 10m cable, 4-20mA 50010683Download this manual
SLP-CW-300 Submersible level sensor for deep boreholes, 5...300m range, 10m cable, 4-20mA 50015376Download this manual
SLP-WW-30 Submersible level transmitter for wastewater, 0.5...30m range, 10m cable, 4-20mA 50013779Download this manual
SLP-CF-5 Sonda nivel continuo para gas-oil, rango 0,5...30m, cable 5m, 4-20mA 50008548Download this manual
CP-CABPVC Additional PVC cable metre for sensors up to 30m water column 50008550
CP-CABKEV Additional PVC cable metre strengthened with Kevlar water column over 30m 50010048
CP-CABFEP Additional FEP cable metre for wastewater sensors 50013780

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